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Ivan Cornejo, hailing from Riverside, California, is a talented vocalist and lyricist specializing in Regional Mexican Music. At the tender age of 17, he unveiled his remarkable debut album titled "Alma Vacía" through Manzana Records in August 2021, a mere two months after celebrating his birthday. This outstanding record swiftly climbed to the second spot on the Regional Mexican Albums chart, while the hit singles "Noche de Relajo" and "Corazón Frío" secured spots within the prestigious Top 20 rankings. Just a week prior to his 18th birthday, he presented his highly anticipated full-length album, "Dañado," which promptly dominated genre charts immediately upon release.

In late 2020, the song "Noche de Relajo" emerged and made a significant impact on streaming charts. Shortly after celebrating his 17th birthday in June 2021, Cornejo released "Llamas Perdidas." Meanwhile, his performance videos on YouTube gained substantial traction, amassing millions of views and establishing his growing popularity. In late July, he unveiled the single and accompanying video for "Corazón Frío," followed by the release of the eight-track album "Alma Vacía" in October. The album soared to the second position on the Regional Mexican charts, solidifying Cornejo's influence. He then presented the captivating single "El Greñas Mentado," which quickly claimed a place in the Top Ten rankings.

In February 2022, Cornejo mesmerized listeners with the heart-wrenching corrido "Perro Abandonado." Just two weeks later, he collaborated with Polo Gonzalez on the poignant duet "Triste." Finally, in June, on the cusp of his 18th birthday, Cornejo unveiled "Dañado," a captivating album characterized by romantic ballads. This seven-track masterpiece not only skyrocketed to the top of the Regional Mexican Albums chart and streaming platforms but also debuted at number four on the Top Latin Albums chart and entered the Top 200 at an impressive number 149, an unusually remarkable achievement for a Regional Mexican album. Moreover, "Dañado" marked Manzana Records' first number one album, elevating the label's prominence throughout the music industry.

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